The Very Last Copy!

On this page you will find the titles that are almost indefinitely out of stock.

These CDs/SACDs have not been delivered to our distributors for a while now and most of them will be very hard to find. Just like many other vendors, we decided to find out exactly of which titles we have a couple of last copies and up the price, due to the – in many cases – exclusive availability.

Please note:

* First Come First Serve
We process the orders on our webshop twice per day. Still, it can happen that the last copy of a title is ordered more than once before we notice the order and put the title ‘out of stock’ in the webshop. If this happens, the copy will go to the person who ordered it first. The second buyer will receive his/her money back.
* Never coming Back in Stock?
It can happen that (e.g. due to a tour of the artist) we will have a title in stock again at some point in the future. However, the chance of that happening for the titles below is very small.
* Recordings Still Available
These may be the very last physical copies, but the recordings will stay available forever! From the low-res Streaming at Spotify and Apple Music to the high-res DSD Downloads at Channel Classics and NativeDSD Music. And digitally – I mean, literally – everywhere in between.