Ning Feng in the Spotlight

Upon releasing Ning Feng’s Virtuosismo: Paganini & Vieuxtemps Violin Concertos, we are celebrating his growing Channel Classics catalog! The 8 earlier soloist releases as well as his 2 albums with the Dragon Quartet are now available with a 20% discount. The coupon code is valid on Discs and Downloads. Tip: You can listen to a short mp3 preview of each track on every album page. Any track number becomes a play button when your cursor is above it. Click there for instant music!

20% OFF

Through October 31, 2019

Quick word about Downloads:
On each album page, the highest available resolution (DSD) is at the top of the list, while the lowest resolution audio (mp3) is at the bottom, with lots of sound format flavors in between those two extremes! If you have any questions about the variety of Download editions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:

Quick word about Discs:
A couple of these titles – Solo & Solo 2 – are almost out of stock. These SACDs have not been delivered to our distributors for a while now and will be very hard to find. Just like many other vendors, we decided to find out exactly of which titles we have one last copy and up the price, due to the – in many cases – exclusive availability. The good news is; the 20% discount code NINGFENG is valid on those titles, as well.