Just Listen

Just Listen is run by the NativeDSD.com team (and thus the Channel Classics team) and started in 2015 with the first release of ‘8 Ensembles in 1 bit’ – giving 8 groups of artist the chance to discover the DSD recording technique by giving them carte blanche regarding the repertoire.

The only two rules were: everything occurs in 1 take, and no editing or post production filtering or mixing will be applied. This created a concert-like performance within the recording studio, playing together and balanced on set.

The projects that were recorded after that all use the same angle of approach. You will find yourself amid the musicians, beautifully balanced.

Currently Just Listen is preparing the release of more music with the Rembrand Frerichs Trio featuring Hossein Alizâdeh, and new music with the Harmen Fraanje Trio as well as an album with Laura Polence.

More recently recorded music is coming from the trio Corsen, Berry and Rojer.