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A new website, a new account

Dear listener,

Thank you for taking the time to find answers to common questions here. Building websites is a slow and tedious process (similar to producing records by the way!) If your question is not answered, please email us at

Common Questions Answered

Why do I need to create a new account on the new website, and can I not just use my previous credentials?
As you probably know, account email and password credentials are stored on a secured and encrypted server. The new website is created and maintained by the and Channel Classics Team, instead of an external company. For legal and security reasons we did not want to mess around with migrating this important and confidential information across servers. There are other important reasons too, available upon request.

Can I access my old account to download my past orders?
We are working on a way so that you can access the old website via a special URL to open it up again for re-downloading old purchases. For now, we are focussed on streamlining this new website, and will get you back in the old mainframe when we have securely shut down some processes and payment gateways there. Please check this page in the future to find how you can access your previous orders. We will also publish by newsletter when this is ready.

I need to re-download a previous order now because I lost the downloaded data, and cannot wait!
Ok, please forward a copy of your confirmation email of the order to, and we will push the purchases to your account on the new website. (You need to create a new account here in to be able to receive the order.) If you do not have the receipt of the order made on the previous website, you will have to have some patience until we open up the old site so you can login there for re-downloading.

Do I still earn Clubchannel points on purchases made on the new site?
Yes, the point balance will update soon for purchases made on the new site. Currently the point balance will NOT update.

Can I spend the Clubchannel points currently in my account?
Not just yet, we are working on this.

I do not see my previous Clubchannel points in my new account on this new site, why is that?
Make sure you signed up the new account with the same email address as used on the account that is loaded with the points you expect to see reflected.

Can I use coupons that I currently have from my old account?
No, unfortunately not.

If your questions is not answered, please email us at