Iván Fischer in the Spotlight

New Release with Iván Fischer

Mendelssohn: Overture & Incidental Music to A Midsummer Night’s Dream

We want to celebrate the beginning of the summer with the release of a special Midsummer Night’s Dream recording I made with Iván Fischer and his Budapest Festival ‘Dream’ Orchestra.

This recording was released worldwide on June 22, 2018. As a personal tip I would like to invite you to visit the album page of ‘Composer’s Portrait’ to discover Iván as a composer.

– Jared Sacks, founder, producer and engineer of Channel Classics


‘Mendelssohn spoke the language of the fairies very well and when he composed the music to Shakespeare’s play he decided to focus on the scenes with fairies. Fischer thinks that fairies exist, they are among us all the time: ‘Humans like this music. It entertains them. They are allowed to listen to this CD, too. However, we made this recording for fairies. They listen differently. This recording is full of hidden messages, which they will understand. Fairies are around us all the time. They occasionally interfere but sometimes they wait a long time waiting for the right moment. If you keep your voice down and open your eyes, you will notice them. They listen to this music with more attention.’

– Iván Fischer (liner notes)