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25 Takes from 25 Years of Recording

Rachel Podger, Katona Twins, Yuri Van Nieuwkerk, Rosanne Philippens, Bart Schneemann, Budapest Festival Orchestra, The Gents, Jasper de Waal, Paolo Giacometti, Milos Valent, Holland Baroque, and more..

Bach, Hubay, Lebrun, Mahler, Wine, Haydn, Rossini, Telemann, Tchaikovsky, Carissimi, Scarlatti, Stravinsky, and more..

SKU: SEL6615

Year of release: 2015

Concerto in E major bwv 1042 02:37
1. Allegro assai Bach 02:37
French Suite No. 5 in D 03:57
2. Sarabande Bach 03:57
3. Scene De La Csarda No. 4 Hejre Kati Op. 32 Hubay 05:42
Concerto Nr. 6 In F Major 06:08
4. Rondo Allegro Lebrun 06:08
5. Sehr behaglich Mahler 08:30
6. A Groovy Kind Of Love Wine 02:50
Concerto for Horn no.1 in D major Hob. VIId:3 03:53
7. Allegro Haydn 03:53
8. Andantino mosso quasi allegretto Rossini 04:06
Marche 05:54
9. Verbung per il violino, Ungarici No. 2,3,5 Hungarice, Hungaricus 34 Telemann 05:54
10. Andante Cantabile op. 11 Tchaikovsky 07:03
11. Historia Di Jephte (excerpt) Carissimi 24:09
12. Fantasia 2 in G Major Telemann 04:49
Sonata in F major, K. 82 02:17
13. Allegro Scarlatti 02:17
Rite of Spring: Adoration of the Earth (Part 1) 04:09
14. Spring Rounds Stravinsky 04:09
Schulhoff 6 Esquisses de Jazz 02:54
15. Boston Schulhoff 02:54
Chamberworks Of Silvestre Reueltas 04:46
16. Sensemay? Revueltas 04:46
17. Concerto in D-minor BWV 596 after Antonio Vivaldi Op. 3-11 Fuga Bach 02:33
Concerto In F Major, Opus 4 No. 9 02:17
18. Allegro Vivaldi 02:17
Serenade opus 31 (1943) for tenor, horn and string orchestra 03:51
19. III. Nocturne Britten 03:51
Five Tango Sensations 05:19
20. Loving Piazzolla 05:19
Suite No. 3, Op 87 02:10
21. Barcarola - Lento Britten 02:10
Stabat Mater 05:33
22. Sancta Mater Pergolesi 05:33
23. Sans Parure Vloeimans 06:12
Domenico Zipoli 01:38
24. Sicut erat Zipoli 01:38
25. Sturmisch Bewegt Mahler 20:15
Total time: 143:45

About this album

Channel Classics – awarded ‘label of the year 2015’ by Gramophone on September 17th – is celebrating 25 years of working with the best musicians! I selected 25 recordings we released over the past 25 years to offer you for a very special price. To top it off we put together a sampler with 25 tracks I picked because of a special memory I have of the recording session, an artist I am really fond of or a composer I discovered.
Since Channel Classics only recorded in DSD since the year 2000, some tracks have been replaced by a different piece, by the same artist, recorded in a later year. Two artists that appeared on the original track list on the regular CD were never recorded in DSD at all, and thus I choose two other artists to be included on this DSD sampler.
You can read anecdotes about the 25 takes in the booklet.
Jared Sacks, founder and engineer of Channel Classics

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Alfredo Marcucci

Amsterdam Sinfonietta

Bart Schneemann

Budapest Festival Orchestra

Dejan Lazić

Ebony Band

Eric Vloeimans


Holland Baroque

Jasper de Waal

Katona Twins

Paolo Giacometti

Pieter Wispelwey

Rachel Podger

Ragazze Quartet

Rosanne Philippens

The Gents

The Netherlands Bach Society

Yuri Van Nieuwkerk

Ivan Fischer

Jan Willem de Vriend

Jos Van Veldhoven

Werner Herbers

Barbara Hannigan

Brecon Baroque

Elin Manahen Thompson

James Gilchrist

Johannette Zomer

Technical Specifications

Recording SoftwareMerging
Recording Type Bit RateDSD64
Recording LocationHolland, Hungary, Bolivia, United Kingdom
Recording EngineerJared Sacks
ProducerJared Sacks, Hein Dekker, Jonathan Attwood
Mixing BoardRens Heijnis custom made
MicrophonesBruel & Kyaer, Schoeps
Mastering EquipmentB&W 803 diamond series
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Digital ConvertersGrimm A/D
Cablesvan den Hul