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The Duke Book

Angelo Verploegen, Jasper van Hulten

Ellington, Ellington, Strayhorn, Mercer , Verploegen, van Hulten, Ellington, Tizol, Mills, Strayhorn, Ellington, Kurtz, and more..

SKU: JL019

Year of release: 2019

1. Blues in Blueprint Ellington 04:34
2. Satin Doll Ellington, Strayhorn, Mercer 05:10
3. Come Sunday Ellington 05:34
4. Interlude I - Bounce Verploegen, van Hulten 00:50
5. Caravan Ellington, Tizol, Mills 04:50
6. Interlude II - Humming Verploegen, van Hulten 01:13
7. A Flower is A Lovesome Thing Strayhorn 04:58
8. Take the A Train Strayhorn 05:52
9. Interlude III - Curls Verploegen, van Hulten 00:49
10. In a Sentimental Mood Ellington, Kurtz, Mills 05:26
11. Interlude IV - Hush Verploegen, van Hulten 00:59
12. Smada Ellington, Strayhorn 04:40
13. It Don't Mean A Thing Ellington,Mills 03:42
14. Interlude V - Last Call Verploegen, van Hulten 00:48
15. Sophisticated Lady Ellington 04:50
Total time: 54:20

About this album

A personal note on The Duke Book 

The Duke Book is about melody and rhythm, about sound and time, about exploring the music of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn in all kind of ways alongside exploring the sonorities of our instruments. Playing in numerous drum-less bands for some time now, I felt more and more the urge to investigate the possibilities of combining melody with only rhythm. And what better repertoire to do this with than Duke Ellington’s?

Ellington set the standard for melody, form, rhythm in the jazz idiom. So when I was given the opportunity by label manager Jonas Sacks to make a new recording for Just Listen I grabbed it with both hands and invited Jasper van Hulten to join me on this musical journey. Somehow Jasper’s musical intuition and incredible sensitivity fits my playing like a glove. His open mind, inventiveness and great dynamics make him a perfect match for this adventure.

This is the second collaboration with the outstanding Just Listen crew. My first encounter with their particular pure ‘eco’ way of recording was with my musical soulmates guitarist Ed Verhoeff and bassist Eric van der Westen doing the award winning album The Sweetest Sound. No sound-equalizing, no mixing, no compressing, no editing applied here. Just the musicians in a beautiful medium large concert hall, the best possible technical equipment and a great set of ears of producer/engineer Jared Sacks.

_ Angelo Verploegen

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Technical Specifications

SpeakersGrimm LS1
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
CablesVan den Hul
Mixing ConsoleRens Heijnis, custom design
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer 4006, Schoeps, AKG
Recording FormatDSD 256
Analog To Digital ConverterHorus, Merging Technologies
Recording DateApril 2019
Recording LocationMCO Hilversum, The Netherlands
Recording EngineerJared Sacks
ProductionJared Sacks, Jonas Sacks