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Tug At China's Heartstrings

Central Music Academy Of Plucked Instruments

Gu Guan Ren, Zhao Ji Peng, Li Guo Hun, Wu Hua, Yan hai Deng, Wang Hui Ran, Bao Yuan Kai, Ning Yong, Guo Wen Jing, Zhang Hong Yan, Wang Dan Hong, Li Fu Bin

SKU: 80607

Year of release: 2007

1. Jolly Tune Gu Guan Ren 06:03
2. Night Banquet Zhao Ji Peng 04:52
3. Street Musicians Li Guo Hun 06:29
4. In The Still Of Late Night Wu Hua 07:41
5. Tune From Jing Region Yan hai Deng 06:19
6. When Spring Visits South China Wang Hui Ran 05:34
7. Journey Beyond Xi Kou Bao Yuan Kai 04:27
8. Riddle Guessing Yunnan Folk Song Bao Yuan Kai 03:37
9. Camel Bell Ring Echoing Along The Silk Road Ning Yong 05:03
10. Xi Guo Wen Jing 04:13
11. Ambush On All Sides Zhang Hong Yan 07:28
12. Night In Moskow Wang Dan Hong 03:21
13. Saber Dance Li Fu Bin 02:29
Total time: 67:42

About this album

Music for plucked instruments is music for an ensemble of various plucked instruments and is an integrated part of traditional Chinese (or China’s national) instrumental music. China is a country with 56 ethnic groups of which the ‘Han’ (known to the westerners as Mandarin) is dominating in population size. The Chinese plucked instrument world represents all ethnic groups living in China today?among which instruments like pipa (Chinese lute), ruan (a fourstringed instrument with a round sound box and fingerboard with frets), qin (a seven-stringed instrument with a flat oblong soundboard), gu zhen (Chinese zither with many strings (normally with 21 strings), san hsian (three-stringed instrument with a long fingerboard and a drum-shaped sound box at the fingerboard bottom), yang qin (Chinese cymbalo) and liu qin (Chinese mandolin).

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BBC music

There are 18 players in all and they are spread around the hall to give an enveloping acoustic for surround sound playback, with the listener sitting in the center of the space. This is tonal and very enjoyable music; don't be afraid of being subject to typical Chinese opera music.



Zhang Hong Yan

Technical Specifications

Recording Type Bit RateDSD64
SpeakersB+W 805 series
Recording SoftwarePyramix
Recording LocationBeijing China
Recording EngineerJared Sacks, Feng Han Ying
ProducerJared Sacks
Mixing BoardRens Heijnis custom made
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Mastering EquipmentB&W 803 diamond series
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Digital ConvertersMeitner DSD AD/DA
Cablesvan den Hul