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Purcell - Ten Sonatas in Four Parts

The Locke Consort

Henry Purcell

SKU: 7295

Year of release: 1995

Sonata 1 in B minor 05:45
1. Adagio/Canzona/Largo/Vivace Henry Purcell 05:45
Sonata 2 in E Flat major 06:25
2. Adagio/Canzona/Grave/Largo/Allegro Henry Purcell 06:25
Sonata 3 in a minor 06:48
3. Grave/Largo/Adagio/Canzona Henry Purcell 06:48
Sonata 4 in d minor 07:16
4. Adagio/Canzona/Adagio/Vivace/Largo Henry Purcell 07:16
Sonata 5 in g minor 06:45
5. (Adagio)/Canzona/Largo/Allegro/Presto, Allegro Henry Purcell 06:45
Sonata 6 in g minor 06:27
6. Adagio Henry Purcell 06:27
Sonata 7 in C Major 06:32
7. Vivace/Largo/Grave/Canzona/Allegro Henry Purcell 06:32
Sonata 8 in g minor 06:59
8. Adagio/Canzona/Grave, Largo/Vivace Henry Purcell 06:59
Sonata 9 in F Major 06:31
9. (Allegro)/Adagio/Canzona/Grave/Allegro Henry Purcell 06:31
Sonata 10 in D Major 05:29
10. Adagio/Canzona/Grave/Largo/Allegro 05:29
Total time: 65:01

About this album

Ten Sonatas in Four Parts (1697) Henry Purcell died unexpectedly on 21 November 1695. In the next few months there was an unprecedented outpouring of grief for Englands foremost musician: odes in his memory were written, and moves were made to publish some of his music. His most enduring monument was the song collection Orpheus Britannicus (1698 and 1706), though his widow Frances also issued two collections of hitherto unpublished instrumental music. On 2 April 1696 she announced proposals to print a Collection of Sonatas and other Ayres by subscription. The advertisement was repeated several times in the following weeks, but the time limit for subscriptions had to be extended, and the collect-ions did not appear until the following year, as A Collection of Ayres, Composd for the Theatre and Ten Sonatas in Four Parts…..

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(...) La couleur est trs sduisante et chaleureuse (...) (...) la musicalit du Locke Consort est fort attrayante, et semble fidle la varit dinspiration de Purcell.

Fono Forum

(...) rhythmisch pointiert, virtuos im dialogischen Spiel der rhetorische Gestus betont. Eine in sich sehr geschlossene Interpretation.

Fono Forum

(...) Das Locke Consort geht dezidiert vom intimen Charakter der Sonaten aus. Dementsprechend filigran wird selbst bei den komplizierten kontrapunktischen Abschitten das Stimmengeflecht gewebt. (...) (...) Eine in sich sehr geschlossene Interpretation.

SRI Canada

(...) presented with persuasive authority by the Locke Consort in a superlative recording. (...) (...) not be missed. (...)


(...) Cette vitesse dexcution saccompagne dune animation et dune lgret du discours qui donnent la musique de Purcell une grce voluptueuse et une ivresse colore qui lui refusent trop dinterprtes obnubiles (...)

Technical Specifications

Digital To Analog ConverterSony
Mastering EquimentSony DAE 3000
Mastering EngineerBert van der Wolf
Mixing ConsoleRens Heijnis
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Recording Formatpcm 44.1
Analog To Digital ConverterdCS900
Recording DateSeptember 1994
Recording LocationNed. Hervormde Kerk, Renswoude, The Netherlands
EditingBert van der Wolf
Recording EngineerBert van der Wolf
ProducerTed Diehl