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Rosanne Philippens

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Von Biber, Improv., Johann Sebastian Bach, George Enescu, Eugène Ysaÿe

SKU: 41619

Year of release: 2019

1. Biber - Passacaglia Part 1 Heinrich Ignaz Franz Von Biber 06:01
2. Intermezzo I Improv. 00:34
3. Bach - Partita no. 2 - Allemande Johann Sebastian Bach 04:09
4. Bach - Partita no. 2 - Courante Johann Sebastian Bach 02:01
5. Enescu - Sarabanda George Enescu 05:07
6. Bach - Partita no. 2 - Sarabande Johann Sebastian Bach 03:11
7. Bach - Partita no. 2 - Gigue Johann Sebastian Bach 03:17
8. Intermezzo II Improv. 00:58
9. Enescu - Airs Dans Le Genre Roumain - Moderato - Molt Rubato - Allegro Giusto George Enescu 04:49
10. Enescu - Airs Dans Le Genre Roumain - Andante George Enescu 03:20
11. Enescu - Airs Dans Le Genre Roumain - Allegro Giocoso George Enescu 02:00
12. Intermezzo III Improv. 00:57
13. Ysaye - Sonata no. 3 'Ballade' Eugène Ysaÿe 09:29
14. Intermezzo IV Improv. 00:47
15. Biber - Passacaglia Part 2 Heinrich Ignaz Franz Von Biber 02:59
16. Outro Improv. 03:30
Total time: 53:15

About this album

Thinking up new programmes is something I usually do on my own at my desk. But for this solo album I wanted to take up a new challenge to create a programme with my audience. I had the feeling that this would provide me with new insight. With just my violin as travelling companion, I set off through Europe for a series of solo recitals with a collection of pieces to try out. After each concert I asked the audience for feedback: how had they experienced the programme? The atmosphere, the sequence of the pieces and the length. Instead of treating my audience as passive listeners, I invited them to discuss these matters and feel involved.

On my way to the next recital I thought about the reactions. Slowly but surely the programme began to form a logical entity. This is what INSIGHT is all about. The liner notes tell more about the process of making a programme, and the actual music is the final result. What is in store for you? Not the average classical programme. Don’t be surprised if a Baroque piece dating from 1676 is split into two or if the Sarabande by the twentieth-century composer Enescu is embraced by dances by Bach. Be open to new insights and enjoy!

– Rosanne Philippens

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Klassieke Zaken

(...) Als je van begin tot eind luistert ervaar je een prachtige, ronde opbouw, met kop en staart. De verbindende en zeer smaakvolle improvisaties zijn van Philippens zelf. Haar transities nemen je mee van de ene naar de andere sfeer. (...)

Het Parool

(...) Insight is een prachtig betoog geworden, met stukken die elmkaar anvullen en versterken, waardoor het geheel in feite één lange, 53 minuten en 27 seconden durende compositie is geworden. (...) Ze speelt het allemaal bijzonder fraai, zangerig en meeslepend.

CD Choice

(...) Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this very winning disc is the enterprising programme arranged by the violinist Rosanne Philippens. It is a selection generated from the musician’s tours of Europe’s for a series of solo recitals – and Philippens welcomed audience feedback. Equally unusual here is the notion of baroque piece from 1676 set against a sarabande by the 20th-century composer Enescu and dances by Bach. The final result is a fragmentary but exhilarating programme, dispatched with immense musicianship. (...)


(...) Geplaatst in een fraai natuurlijk klankbeeld trakteert de violiste de luisteraar op zeer verzorgd en mooi getimbreerd spel met een bedachtzame, licht-romantische inslag. (...)

The Strad

A bold, daring, semi-improvised programme that is intensely powerful. (...) Her sweet, mellow tone colour is perfect for this most delicate of programmes, ranging from Biber and Bach to Enescu and Ysaÿe.


(...) Muziek is een toevluchtsoord voor het mysterie in een onttoverde wereld. Rosanne Philippens toont de spirituele wil en het instinct om die betovering weer op te roepen.

Technical Specifications

SpeakersGrimm LS1
Mastering EquimentAmplifier: Classe 5200 | Cables: Van den Hul (exclusive use of Van den Hul cables)
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
EditingJared Sacks
CablesVan den Hul
Mixing ConsoleRens Heijnis, custom design
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer 4006, Schoeps
Recording FormatDSD 256
Analog To Digital ConverterMerging Horus
Recording DateNovember, 2018
Recording LocationRenswoude, the Netherlands
Recording EngineerJared Sacks
ProductionJared Sacks