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Bartók Bound - Volume 1

String Quartets Nos. 1, 2 & 4

Ragazze Quartet

Béla Bartók

SKU: 41419

Year of release: 2019

String Quartet no. 1 op 7 (Sz. 40) 30:20
1. I. Vonosnegyes Béla Bartók 09:10
2. II. Allegretto Béla Bartók 08:46
3. III. Introduzione - Allegro vivace Béla Bartók 12:22
String Quartet no. 2 op 17 (Sz. 67) 27:17
4. I. Moderato Béla Bartók 10:33
5. II. Allegro molto capriccioso Béla Bartók 07:59
6. III. Lento Béla Bartók 08:44
String Quartet no. 4 (Sz. 91) 23:18
7. I. Allegro Béla Bartók 06:09
8. II. Prestissimo, con sordino Béla Bartók 02:55
9. III. Non troppo lento Béla Bartók 05:54
10. IV. Allegretto pizzicato Béla Bartók 02:51
11. V. Allegro molto Béla Bartók 05:27
Total time: 80:56

About this album

It’s always a wonderful and thrilling experience to play Béla
Bartók. It’s got everything: the mysterious tension of a thriller,
loving lyricism, warm string sounds, almost impossible
techniques challenging any string player to rediscover his
instrument, and exhilarating rhythms which could well be rooted
in folk dance. His music has fascinated us for years, so now
we’ve decided to record all six string quartets.

For the coming years we’ve declared ourselves Bartók Bound.
We delve deep into his music and present his quartets in all sorts
of ways and all kinds of programmes. For young and old, in pubs
or on the screen, and in concert halls of course. This album forms
the first testimony. We wish to break a lance for Béla Bartók: as
far as we’re concerned his sound can’t be heard often enough!

– Ragazze Quartet

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Het Parool

(...) Bartók opnemen getuigt in dit repertoire van lef, want zijn zes strijkkwartetten behoren tot de allerbeste die er in elk geval in de twintigste eeuw zijn geschreven en inmiddels vastgelegd, door alle kwartetten van naam en faam. Van die intimiderende wetenschap lijkt het Ragazze Quartet geen enkele last te hebben. Ze spelen de stukken frank en vrij, met grote intensiteit en grote lyriek. (...)

Technical Specifications

SpeakersGrimm LS1
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
EditingJared Sacks
CablesVan den Hul
Mixing ConsoleRens Heijnis, custom design
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer 4006, Schoeps
Recording FormatDSD 256
Analog To Digital ConverterDSD Super Audio / Horus / DSD256fs, Merging Technologies
Recording DateApril & August 2018
Recording LocationRenswoude, the Netherlands
Recording EngineerJared Sacks
ProductionJared Sacks