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Telemann - Essercizii Musici


G. Ph. Telemann

SKU: 40118

Year of release: 2018

Trio sonata in G minor TWV 42:g5 11:35
1. Mesto G. Ph. Telemann 02:47
2. Allegro G. Ph. Telemann 03:23
3. Andante G. Ph. Telemann 03:28
4. Vivace G. Ph. Telemann 01:55
Solo sonata in D majore TWV 42:D9 13:23
5. Largo G. Ph. Telemann 02:58
6. Vivace G. Ph. Telemann 04:04
7. Dolce G. Ph. Telemann 03:15
8. Allegro G. Ph. Telemann 03:05
Solo sonata in A mjaore TWV 41:A6 10:59
9. Dolce G. Ph. Telemann 01:59
10. Allegro G. Ph. Telemann 03:31
11. Grave G. Ph. Telemann 00:43
12. Allegro G. Ph. Telemann 04:45
Trio sonata in B minor TWV 42:h4 08:17
13. Largo G. Ph. Telemann 01:49
14. Vivace G. Ph. Telemann 02:02
15. Dolce G. Ph. Telemann 01:45
16. Vivace G. Ph. Telemann 02:39
Solo sonata in Bb majore TWV 41:B6 12:50
17. Adagio G. Ph. Telemann 02:27
18. Allegro G. Ph. Telemann 03:57
19. Cantabile G. Ph. Telemann 03:16
20. Vivace G. Ph. Telemann 03:09
Trio sonata in D major TWV 42:D9 09:20
21. Dolce G. Ph. Telemann 03:17
22. Presto G. Ph. Telemann 01:44
23. Pastorale G. Ph. Telemann 01:47
24. Vivace G. Ph. Telemann 02:30
Trio sonata in c minor TWV 42:C2 11:32
25. Largo G. Ph. Telemann 02:55
26. Vivace G. Ph. Telemann 02:51
27. Andante G. Ph. Telemann 02:10
28. Allegro G. Ph. Telemann 03:35
Trio sonata in G major TWV 42:G6 10:50
29. Andante G. Ph. Telemann 02:11
30. Allegro G. Ph. Telemann 01:58
31. Largo G. Ph. Telemann 04:56
32. Presto G. Ph. Telemann 01:43
Solo sonata in e minor TWV 41:e5 09:03
33. Cantabile G. Ph. Telemann 01:30
34. Allegro G. Ph. Telemann 03:08
35. Recitativo-Arioso G. Ph. Telemann 01:44
36. Vivace G. Ph. Telemann 02:39
Trio sonata in A major TWV 42:A6 11:20
37. Largo G. Ph. Telemann 02:12
38. Vivace G. Ph. Telemann 03:37
39. Largo G. Ph. Telemann 03:23
40. Vivace G. Ph. Telemann 02:07
Trio sonata in a minor TWV 42:a4 10:28
41. Largo G. Ph. Telemann 02:22
42. Vivace G. Ph. Telemann 02:26
43. Affettuoso G. Ph. Telemann 02:41
44. Allegro G. Ph. Telemann 02:58
Total time: 119:44

About this album

Georg Philipp Telemann, the son of a clergyman, was self-taught in music and became the most prolific composer of his time. As a child he had a rare gift for music, but it was taken for granted that he would follow his father and turn to the church for his livelihood. At that time the musical profession was still held by many scholars and citizens to be inferior and disreputable.

Despite his mother’s efforts to dissuade him, popular legend has it that she even confiscated his music and instruments, this persecution only led to a secret rebellion as he describes in his first autobiography of 1718: “My fire burned far too brightly, and lighted my way into the path of innocent disobedience, so that I spent many a night with pen in hand because I was forbidden it by day, and passed many an hour in lonely places with borrowed instruments.

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Pizzicato LU

(...) Ensemble Florilegium revitalises a collection of11 pieces in subtle charming and therefore attractive performances. (...)

Audiophile Audition

(...) On this recording Florilegium features solo sonatas for flute, violin, oboe, and viola da gamba. In each, the soloist shines with good musical taste and technical accuracy. (...) Florilegium presents each piece, however inspired I found them, with equal reverence and sensitivity. [4.5 / 5 STARS]

BBC Music Magazine [5+5 Stars - Chamber Choice Aug 2018]

Eloquent testimony: Florilegium reveals Telemann's greatness

Luister [8]

(...) Een collectie aangename vierdelige sonates met steeds wisselende bezettingen (...)

Technical Specifications

SpeakersGrimm LS1 speakers
Digital To Analog ConverterHorus by Merging Technologies
Mastering EquimentPyramix
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Cablesvan den Hul 3T
Mixing ConsoleRens Heijnis custom made
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Recording FormatDSD64
Analog To Digital ConverterGrimm A/D
Recording DateMarch 2007
Recording LocationWaalse Kerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Recording EngineerJared Sacks
ProductionJared Sacks, Ashley Solomon