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Johannette Zomer, Tulipa Consort


SKU: 38216

Year of release: 2016

Sinfonia in D major RV 125 06:51
1. Allegro Vivaldi 01:33
2. Adagio Vivaldi 03:41
3. Allegro Vivaldi 01:36
Ascende laeta (Introduzione al Dixit) RV 635 04:57
4. Allegro Vivaldi 04:13
5. Recitativo Vivaldi 00:44
6. Ascende laeta (Introduzione al Dixit) RV 635- Presto Vivaldi 03:37
from Juditha Triumphans RV 644 08:11
7. Vivat in pace Vivaldi 03:50
8. Transit aetas Vivaldi 04:20
O qui coeli terraeque serenitas RV 631 13:40
9. Allegro Vivaldi 04:25
10. Recitativo Vivaldi 00:30
11. Largo Vivaldi 06:58
12. Allegro Vivaldi 01:46
from Juditha Triumphans RV 644 05:43
13. Umbrae carae Vivaldi 05:43
Sinfonia Al Santo Sepolcro RV 169 03:54
14. Adagio Molto Vivaldi 02:07
15. Allegro ma poco Vivaldi 01:47
Laudate pueri in C minor RV 600 24:42
16. Allegro Vivaldi 02:05
17. Largo Vivaldi 03:33
18. Allegro Vivaldi 01:51
19. Andante Vivaldi 03:24
20. Largo Vivaldi 02:39
21. Presto Vivaldi 01:47
22. Allegro Vivaldi 01:53
23. Largo Vivaldi 03:58
24. Allegro Vivaldi 01:40
25. Allegro Vivaldi 01:46

About this album

Several years ago I founded my own ensemble, the Tulipa Consort. As a singer I have the privilege of performing with countless conductors, orchestras and choirs at the most beautiful and unique venues in the world. It gives me great delight to sing, but so often in the run-up to the concerts compromises have to be made between the performers (especially between conductor and singer) so that they can agree on the approach, and this is often no easy task. Working with my own ensemble has given me artistic freedom from the very beginning, for by selecting my own repertoire and musicians I feel entirely at home in the music, which greatly benefits the performance. For the first CD by the Tulipa Consort I have chosen sacred music by Antonio Vivaldi. The idea occured to me several years ago when I sang his Laudate Pueri in Montreal with the cellist Jaap ter Linden. I was moved and impressed by the diversity of this work. Vivaldi is too often associated only with the Four Seasons and the Gloria, while there is so much more. This soon became apparent when I began to compile a programme around Laudate pueri: the somewhat slower pieces in particular, such as the second movement of Laudate pueri, ‘Sit nomen Domine’ and the second aria from RV 631 ‘Rosa quae moritur’, proved to possess great depth and beauty. And we simply had to include the lively ‘Ascende Laeta’, which bubbles and foams with joy. I hope you will enjoy listening to this repertoire just as much as we, the Tulipa Consort, have enjoyed performing it.   Johannette Zomer

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Klassieke Zaken

(...) de Emma Kirby van de lage landen (...) Samenvattend: Vivaldi is altijd opwindend en Johannette Zomer zingt altijd ademstokkend mooi. (...)


(...) Vivaldi op zijn best, dankzij de gloedvolle sopraan Johannette Zomer (...) zeer fraaie strijkersklank (...) Zomer dringt door tot het wezen van de muziek en daardoor weet ze te ontroeren. (...) Een formidabele cd.

Zomer verfügt über eine klare, beinahe etwas zarte, auch noch in den Koloraturen mühelos flexible, leichte und ganz natürliche Stimme. Sie bewährt sich besonders in den Stücken, die Frieden und Idylle ausstrahlen.

Luister 9

Ensemble en solist zijn goed in balans, dat is zeker ook een verdienste van de opname techniek – levendig en direct. (...) Dit is een Vivaldi voor luisteraars bij wie oprechte vreugde en dankbaarheid de juiste snaar raken. (...)

OperaNederland - CD of the Month

Tijdschrift Oude Muziek

Johannette Zomers interpretaties zijn een combinatie van vocale schoonheid en een expressieve tekstbehandeling en het Tulipa Consort begeleidt haar op hetzelfde niveau. (...) Ook solistisch is hun niveau hoog: in Sinfonia Al Santo Sepolcro wordt de melancholieke sfeer perfect getroffen.

Noordhollands Dagblad


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Technical Specifications

Recording SoftwareMerging
Recording Type Bit RateDSD64
Recording LocationWaalse Church Amsterdam, Holland
Recording EngineerJared Sacks, Annemiek Dirkzwagger
ProducerJared Sacks
Mixing BoardRens Heijnis custom made
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Mastering EquipmentGrimm LS1
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Digital ConvertersGrimm DSD AD
Cablesvan der Hul