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Mahler Symphony No. 7

Budapest Festival Orchestra


SKU: 38019

Year of release: 2019

1. Langsam-Allegro risoluto, ma non troppo Mahler 20:54
2. Nachtmusik 1: Allegro moderato Mahler 14:36
3. Scherzo: Schattenhaft Mahler 09:10
4. Nachtmusik II: Andante amoroso Mahler 12:35
5. Rondo - Finale Mahler 17:57
Total time: 75:14

About this album


“I am happy that the Dutch TV company VPRO made a documentary of
our recording of this great symphony. This film is available on the internet.
[YouTube/Mahler 7/Iván Fischer] It documents my efforts in proving that
the last movement of Mahler’s seventh symphony – despite some doubts
of Mahler experts – is a masterpiece. This work is often seen as enigmatic,
fragmented, less accessible than the other, beloved Mahler Symphonies.
May this recording contribute to a revalidation!
Mahler returns here to a perfect balance. He ended the 6th Symphony in
a tragic minor key. Here he offers us the full journey from darkness to
light. And what a journey it is! Please note the most magnificent scherzo
framed between the two unique night music episodes! I love this

– Iván Fischer

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Technical Specifications

Mastering EquimentAmplifier: Classe 5200 | Cables: Van den Hul (exclusive use of Van den Hul cables)
EditingJared Sacks
Mixing ConsoleRens Heijnis, custom design
Recording FormatDSD 64
Analog To Digital ConverterDSD Super Audio/Grimm Audio
Recording DateSeptember 2015
ProductionHein Dekker