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Romantic Metamorphoses

Dana Zemtsov, Cathelijne Noorland

Vieuxtemps, Zemtsov, Bloch, Bizet

SKU: 37215

Year of release: 2015

Vieuxtemps 24:09
1. Sonata for viola and piano - Maestoso - Allegro Vieuxtemps 12:47
2. Sonata for viola and piano - Barcarolla Vieuxtemps 06:35
3. Sonata for viola and piano - final Scherzando Vieuxtemps 04:46
Zemtsov 05:05
4. Meoldie im Alten Stil Zemtsov 05:05
Bloch 31:29
5. Suite '1919 for viola and piano - Lento - allegro Bloch 13:10
6. Suite '1919 for viola and piano - Allegro ironico Bloch 05:30
7. Suite '1919 for viola and piano - Lento Bloch 04:20
8. Suite '1919 for viola and piano - Molto vivo Bloch 08:28
9. Bizet (Waxman) (Kugel) Carmen Fantasy Bizet 11:29
Total time: 72:14

About this album

The term ‘Romantic’ has always been something of a mystery to me due to its many and often subtle definitions. On this CD I invite the listener to re-explore this phenomenon, so often evident in day-to-day life, from different perspectives. T he programme takes as its point of departure the nineteenth-century classical romanticism of the beautiful ‘Sonata’ by Henry V ieuxtemps. This is the lyrical, sensitive type of romanticism so typical of that period. In contrast to this is ‘Suite for viola and piano’, Ernest Bloch’s romantically fantasized adventure through savage nature and tribes under the sun in the jungle. Waxman’s ‘Carmen Fantasy’, which probably needs littleintroduction, is a strong depiction of Bizet’s dramatic opera. 
For me personally, however, the most ‘romantic’ and personal piece on this CD is the ‘Melodie im alten Stil’ by Evgeni Zemtsov. T he nostalgic style in which this modern piece is written, with its lyrical melody, ornamented in Baroque style, imposed on fresh, contrasting harmonies, is just one reason to admire it. A second one is the story behind it: during his studies in Moscow the composer fell in love with a beautiful girl. She played the viola, and he wrote this beautiful piece for her instrument as a declaration of love. One year later their first child – my father – was born.Dana Zemtsov

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A varied and well-chosen program (...) seductive languor with expressive energy (...) a marvellously realistic sound from both instruments that vividly brings these two players into one’s room.

Zemtsov and Noorland deliver a delightful account of the piece, combining seductive languor with expressive energy to just the right degree. The recording was made in the pleasing ambience of MCO Studio 1, Hilversum (November 2014) and Jared Sacks has achieved a marvellously realistic sound from both instruments that vividly brings these two players into one's room. Enthusiastically recommended.

Music Emotion

(...) Opgenomen in het MCO, is dit een schoolvoorbeeld van de vrijheid en ruimtelijkheid van de dsd. De twee muzikale waarden die producer Jared Sacks graag nastreeft. Maar ook artistiek een hoogtepunt met sublieme muziek.


With fervor and passion Dana Zemtsov and Cathelijne Noorland impregnate these works with a lyricism that is applied with moderation, during which the inspiration of their musicial discourse is pure enchantment. (...) exemplary sound recording (...)


(...) a very personal disc (...) Zemtsov’s understated virtuosity is admirably balanced by the detailed refinement of Cathelijne Noorland pianism.

De Gelderlander

(...) Dana Zemtsov is een snel stijgende ster onder altviolisten. Zij verstaat de kunst om haar lastige, soms onbuigbare instrument te laten klinken met een warme, tot het hart sprekende toon. (...)


Zemtsov laat haar altviool zingen, in alle registers, zwoel en verleidelijk, weemoedig en vol heimwee. Pianiste Cathelijne Noorland biedt empathisch tegenspel, zodat de muziek vleugels krijgt (...) nu al de Grande Dame van de altviool genoemd (...) Zemtsov weet met haar wendbare expressie je hart te raken.

Diese romantischen Metamorphosen sind 72 Minuten und 15 Sekunden musikalischer Genuß (...)


Behalve een fabelachtige techniek, een trefzekere streek en een soepele, expressieve toon beschikt deze altvioliste over een zeer volwassen en overtuigende muzikaliteit.

Technical Specifications

Recording SoftwareMerging
Recording Type Bit RateDSD64
Recording LocationMCO stuido 1 Hilversum Holland
Recording EngineerJared Sacks
ProducerJared Sacks
Mixing BoardRens Heijnis custom made
MicrophonesBruel & Kyaer
Mastering EquipmentB&W 803 diamond series
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Digital ConvertersGrimm AD DSD
Cablesvan den Hul