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Yuri Van Nieuwkerk, Rosanne Philippens

Ravel, Bartók, Hubay

SKU: 35013

Year of release: 2013

1. Tzigane Ravel 11:01
Rhapsody No. 2 Sz. 89, BB 96 11:24
2. Lassu (Moderato) Bartók 04:41
3. Friss (Allegro Moderato) Bartók 06:43
Sonata For Violin and Piano No. 2 18:07
4. Allegretto Ravel 08:24
5. Moderato_ Blues Ravel 05:38
6. Perpetuum Mobile_ Allegro Ravel 04:04
Rumanian Folk Dances Sz. 56, BB 68 06:24
7. I Bot Tanc _ Jocul Cu Bata (Stick Dance) Bartók 01:17
8. II Braul (Sash Dance) Bartók 00:33
9. III Topogo _ Pe Loc (In One Spot) Bartók 01:22
10. IV Bucsumi Tanc _Buciumeana (Cance From Bucsum) Bartók 01:35
11. V Roman Polka _ Poarga Romaneasca (Romanian Polka) Bartók 00:31
12. VI Aprozo _MaruntelFast Dance) Bartók 01:04
Rhapsody No. 1 Sz. 86, BB 94 10:43
13. lassu (Moderato) Bartók 04:37
14. Friss (Allegro Moderato) Bartók 06:06
15. Scene De La Csarda No. 4 Hejre Kati Op. 32 Hubay 05:42
Total time: 63:23

About this album

If there’s one period to which we feel specially attracted, it’s the time when Ravel and Bartók wrote their sonatas and rhapsodies. Music styles from all corners of the world were blowing across the European continent, taking root as folk dances, blues rhythms and exotic melodies in the hearts of classically trained musicians. How very similar to our own situation! We were formed by Beethoven and Schubert, but with American colleagues, Indonesian forefathers and pop and jazz musicians as close friends our musical world was equally determined by Radiohead, Brad Mehldau and Indonesian gamelan.Bartók and Ravel show us how traditional craftsmanship can be combined with the sounds of other cultures. In their music we can give full rein to our craft, the flame of our ensemble playing and our love for our instruments. At the same time, we recognize in it the groove, the catch in the voice and the raw expression, which captivate us beyond the concert hall. All these elements are brought together in masterly fashion. And so this CD is not only a homage to Ravel and Bartók, but also to the unbounded world of music, in which we both feel free and happy. Enjoy our recording!Rosanne Philippens & Yuri van Nieuwkerk

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Artamag Disque du Jour

Belle idée, marier le violon de Bartók et celui de Ravel sur un même disque. (...) l’ampleur du violon de Philippens s’appuie sur ce clavier orchestre qui fait entendre un musicien de première force. Tous deux m’auront donné un des plus enthousiasmants disques de violon que j’ai entendus depuis longtemps.

De Volkskrant

(...) kluisterend samenspel (...) De twee ontpoppen zich als klankzoekers en sfeerscheppers (...) Uit haar Bergonzi tovert Philippens een wonderwereld aan kleur, van felrood tot mistig grijs. (...)

Inspiration Magazine

(...) Lyrisch en sereen, maar ook hoekig, en ritmisch. Rosanne en Yuri spelen met passie en durf de moeilijke composities, die beelden oproepen van zigeuners, steppen, bars en steden. Aandachtig luisteren en genieten.

Opus Klassiek

(...) een bevlogenheid om ú tegen te zeggen, technisch tot in de puntjes verzorgd en samen musicerend alsof ze een (jong) leven niets anders hebben gedaan. (...) Het duo heeft een prachtige muzikale reis gemaakt die zo overtuigend uit de luidsprekers komt dat we het met hen meebeleven. Dat is de échte kracht van muziek, tenminste als die zo wordt uitgevoerd en is opgenomen als hier. (...) Channel Classics heeft altijd een fijne neus voor echt talent gehad. Prachtig!

International Record Review

Philippens and van Nieuwkerk are sensitive artists and they can be very persuasive. (...) the playing is of consistently high standard (...) the well-balanced recorded sound is warm. (...)

The WholeNote

(…) The young Dutch violinist Rosanne Philippens is a new name to me, but if Rhapsody, her debut CD on Channel Classics (CCS SA 35013), is anything to go by, we’ll all be hearing a lot more of her in the future. ...Ravel’s Tzigane is given a straightforward but very solid performance, but the real Ravel gem here is the Violin Sonata No.2, which showcases Philippens’ big, expansive tone. There is a perfect balance between the two performers in the first movement; a lovely Moderato: Blues middle movement; and some outstanding playing and great dynamics in the Perpetuum Mobile: Allegro finale. (...) an excellent debut CD that suggests there are great things ahead for this duo.

Technical Specifications

Recording Type Bit RateDSD64
SpeakersAudiolab, Holland
Recording SoftwarePyramix bij Merging
Recording LocationEindhoven Holland 2013
Recording EngineerJared Sacks
ProducerJared Sacks
Mixing BoardRens Heijnis custom design
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Mastering EquipmentB&W 803 diamond series
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Digital ConvertersGrimm A/D DSD / Meitner DA
Cablesvan den Hul T3 series