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Nuove Musiche & Works for Theorbo

Fred Jacobs, Johannette Zomer

Caccini, Piccinini

SKU: 21305

Year of release: 2005

1. Amor, io parto Caccini 02:54
2. Mentre che fra doglie e pene Caccini 02:03
3. Filli, mirando il cielo Caccini 02:56
4. Al fonte, al prato Caccini 01:25
5. Toccata IV Piccinini 01:06
6. Corrente Prima Piccinini 01:23
7. Fortunato augellino Caccini 03:21
8. Vaga su spin´ ascosa Caccini 03:16
9. A quei sospir ardenti Caccini 03:08
10. Udite, udite, amanti Caccini 01:22
11. Tenore detto il Mercatello Piccinini 03:09
12. Amarilli mia bella Caccini 02:48
13. Aur? amorosa Caccini 02:56
14. Dolcissimo sospiro Caccini 02:10
15. Non ha ?l ciel cotanti lumi Caccini 02:12
16. Partite variate sopra la folia aria Romanesca Piccinini 03:54
17. Corrente IX Piccinini 01:03
18. Chiaconna Piccinini 01:25
19. Tutto?l dí piango Caccini 06:34
20. Fere selvaggie Caccini 02:08
21. Dalla porta d?oriente Caccini 03:27
Total time: 54:49

About this album

During the 1570’s in Florence, there were meetings in the house of count Bardi, where music and poetry were discussed. Bardi’s Camerata, as the group of participants came to be called, had great influence on the course of musical history. Drawing inspiration from the musical theories of the ancient world, the Camerata derived new insights about the composition and performance of vocal music: the most important points were clear declamation of the text and respect for the rhythm of the words. Thus the members of the group were inclined to look critically at the prevailing contrapuntal style of contemporary madrigals, in which different melodies were sounded simultaneously, and the rhythm of the text was considered of secondary importance. In 1578, Bardi summarized his ideas in a ‘Discorso…’, which he dedicated to his young protégé, Caccini.

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Het genot dat de luisteraar deelachtig wordt, is groot. Zomer raakt het hart met haar pure, glasheldere stem en Jacobs begeleidt uiterst subtiel en raak. Indruk maakt meteen al het eerste lied, met de onvergetelijke slotzin van de amant die aan de dijk is gezet: “Maar meer verdriet doet mij het verdriet dat zij niet voelt”. Parool

CD van de Week Avro

l'éblouissante prestation de Johannette Zomer. Sa voix lumineuse et charme multiplie les effets de timbres, osant un vibrato ornemental d'une grande suavité, illustrant idéalement ce précepte de Caccini (…) (…) L'accompagnement tout de délicatesse et d'efficacité de Fred Jacobs, qui propose d'admirables pièces de luth solo (…) Diapason Johannette Zomer en haar begeleider Fred Jacobs (theorbe) weten die zoektocht zeer spannend en invoelbaar her te beleven. Net als bij de vorige cd geldt ook hier: more soon, please! Avro Cd van de Week

International Record Review

(...) This music comes straight from the heart (...) (...) This is a masterclass in naturalness, Caccini would have approved, because in all she does Zomer places text expression above all else. (...) (…) Fred Jacobs plays with exquisitely crisp and sensitive continuo realizations, which perfectly underscore the singing and map out the musical grammar of the pieces. (…) (…) When is he going to bring out a solo recital? (…) (…) One of the finest recitals of its kind, with outstandingly natural sound to match, this is warmly recommended. International Record Review


Charmante productie. Zomers warme timbre leent zich uitstekend voor dit afwisselend hoofse, speelse en romantische Italiaanse repertoire en Jacobs legt er een gevoelige bedding onder. (…) Luister


Die einfache, ja spartanische Interpretation, nur Singstimme und Zupfinstrument, die so viel mehr packt, das Gemüt betrübt, beeindruckt, beflügelt, Staunen, Freude, Melancholie, Trauer - alles ist hier mit wenigen Zutaten möglich. Mir geht er jedenfalls so. (...) (...) eine bewegende, wunderschöne Einspielung mit zwei warmherzigen und hochmusikalischem Künstlern. (...) (...) Nun, zwei solche Topstars haben sich auch hier und heute bei dieser Einspielung gefunden. Johannette und Fred ergänzen und beflügeln sich, ein ideales Paar. (...) Toccata

Technical Specifications

Recording Type Bit RateDSD64
SpeakersAudio Lab
Recording SoftwarePyramix
Recording LocationDoopsgezinde Kerk Deventer
Recording EngineerJared Sacks
ProducerJared Sacks
Mixing BoardRens Heijnis custom made
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoe[s
Mastering EquipmentB+W 803 diamand
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Digital ConvertersMeitner AD/DA
Cablesvan den Hul