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Musickes Sweetest Joyes

Mieneke Van Der Velden

Simpson, Jones, Corkine, Hume, Loeke, Downland, Lanier

SKU: 21204

Year of release: 2004

1. Prelude In D Simpson 01:40
2. Divisions Upon A Ground Simpson 05:05
3. A Pavin Jones 05:35
4. Coranto Corkine 01:20
5. The Punckes Delight Corkine 02:16
6. Cease Leaden Slumber Hume 04:07
7. Good Againe Hume 05:31
8. What Greater Griefe Hume 02:47
Suite In C Minor/Major 06:42
9. Fantazie Loeke 01:29
10. Courant Loeke 01:18
11. Fantazie Loeke 01:16
12. Fantazie Loeke 01:46
13. Saraband Loeke 00:51
14. Prelude Downland 01:07
15. Go Nightly Cares Downland 06:41
16. (A Piece Without A Title) Downland 01:40
17. Coranto Downland 01:23
18. Lasso Vitta Mia Downland 03:32
19. Prelude In E Simpson 02:13
20. Divisions Upon A Ground Simpson 07:47
21. Like Hermit Poor Lanier 03:17
22. A Polish Ayre Hume 01:03
23. Fain Would I Change That Note Hume 01:41
24. A Pavin Corkine 03:21
25. Coranto Corkine 01:46
Total time: 70:42

About this album

Musickes sweetest joyes ‘For now my soule delights in heavenly noyse of musickes sweetest joyes’* Because of the gentle melancholy which underlies the instruments sound, the viola da gamba was the instrument par excellence for the music which became fashionable in 17th-century England,. Sadness was the prevailing tone in compositions of the period, as can be heard not only in many of the song texts (Go nightly cares, Like hermit poor) but also in the stately beauty of instrumental works like the Pavins. Fortunately, not all of the music of this period is gloomy or melancholy; many of the suites, with their light-footed dance movements, as well as folk song settings or grounds, provide a welcome contrast. As you study the English repertoire, you are quickly overwhelmed by the vast quantity of glorious music written for the viola da gamba, and curiosity spurs you on to continue reading through new pieces. In England, the gamba was used in various ways and in all sorts of different combinations, so that the instruments possibilities and possibilities for tone color were put to their best use……

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Tijdschrift Oude Muziek

Mieneke van der Velden maakte eerder al veel indruk met de twee cds met gambamuziek, op deze derde gaan we op bezoek in Engeland. Mieneke laat met haar ensemble deze muziek heerlijk gonzen. Daarbij doen de hemelse Johannette Zomer en de subliem met de gamba mengende Peter Kooij ook nog een paar fraaie vocale duiten in het zakje.

International Record Review

Mieneke van der Velden has a muscular, athletic manner of handling her instrument, producing a rich, big-boned sound. Wisely for such intense repertory, the programme is broken up by some small lute solos, deftly played by Fred Jacobs, and songs with viol accompaniment. Two Downland songs are performed in rarely heard versions with descants and bass gamba parts of the composer himself. Fascinating variations on much-loved songs especially rewarding. Peter Kooy is among the foremost Bach interpreters of the day, a sensational singer of Hume and Lanier. Warmly recommended

Financieel Dagblad

Wat zit er toch een leven in haar klank: nu eens koninklijk breed en trots, dan weer meisjesachtig en met schaamrood. Kortom geen moment saaiheid in deze anders toch zo kwetsbare muziek.


Mieneke van der Velde allie une intense expressiviet un phrase toujours subtil. Sa sonorit plus discrete et fine que demonstrative installe potique tres convaincant

American Record Guide

The listeners will be beguiled by this, and the performances are beautiful.


17th-century English melancholy and despair beautifully delivered. (...) the honours go to Mieneke van der Velden, who plays with unfailing intensity and beauty of tone.

Strings Magazine

Mieneke van der Velden has an elegant, reserved manner, and the ability to invest even the space around the notes with gentle beauty. The sound on this SACD is pristine pure with just the right touch of ambience, while the soloist's brief liner notes display the same affection she lavishes so generously on her playing.

The Observer

Exquisitely played, with as much devotion to detail as technical mastery, here is period music to beguile many a modern mood swing.

Technical Specifications

Recording Type Bit RateDSD64
SpeakersAudiolab, Holland
Recording SoftwarePyramix bij Merging
Recording LocationDoopgezinde Kerk, Deventer The Netherlands 2004
Recording EngineerJared Sacks
ProducerJared Sacks
Mixing BoardRens Heijnis custom design
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Mastering EquipmentB&W 803 diamond series
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Digital ConvertersMeitner A/D DSD / Meitner DA
Cablesvan den Hul T3 series