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Bach Sonatas for Oboe and Harpsichord

Washington Barella, Chris Farr

C. P. E Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach, W.F. Bach

SKU: 2091

Year of release: 1991

Sonata in g minor Wt 135 10:44
1. Adagio C. P. E Bach 01:55
2. Allegro C. P. E Bach 03:46
3. Vivace C. P. E Bach 05:02
Sonata in g minor BWV 1020 13:07
4. Allegro Johann Sebastian Bach 04:23
5. Adagio Johann Sebastian Bach 03:05
6. Allegro Johann Sebastian Bach 05:37
Acht Fugen für Orgel oder Clavier 05:20
7. Fugue III W.F. Bach 01:00
8. Fugue IV W.F. Bach 01:15
9. Fugue V W.F. Bach 03:04
Partita in g minor 14:02
10. allemande Johann Sebastian Bach 04:22
11. Corrente Johann Sebastian Bach 02:53
12. Sarabande Johann Sebastian Bach 04:35
13. Bourée anglaise Johann Sebastian Bach 02:10
Sonata in g minor BWV 1030 18:42
14. Andante Johann Sebastian Bach 08:17
15. Largo e dolce Johann Sebastian Bach 04:09
16. Presto Johann Sebastian Bach 01:41
17. Allegro Johann Sebastian Bach 04:33
Total time: 61:57

About this album

C.P.E.Bach Sonata in g minor, Wt 135 One of the most important things that J.S. Bach wanted to leave his children was education. He felt the burden of not having a university diploma when he moved to Leipzig to assume the post of kantor of the Thomasschule in 1723. Despite the council’s choice of Bach for the post above five other candidates, it did not hesistate to deplore him as a third- rater, a mediocrity…. who is unable to teach Latin (The New Grove Dictionary of Music). One can conclude that, although J.S. Bach held this position until the end of his life, his time there must not have been without problems. Perhaps this berating contributed to his determination to have his sons receive a higher education.


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(...) Barella plays with an attractive directness.


(...) Barellas playing is consistenty impressive and beautiful throughout this program (...)

CD Review

(...) The performances are enhanced bij the engineering, which exhibits a complemen-tary balance between oboe and harpsichord (...)