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Szymanowksi: Complete Songs for Voice and Piano (Volume 4)

Reinild Mees, Iwona Sobotka


SKU: 19398-4

Year of release: 2004

Pieśni księżniczki z baśni – Songs of the Fairy Princess (Z.Szymanowska), Op. 31 17:16
1. Samotny księżyc (Lonely moon) Szymanowski 04:00
2. Słowik (The nightingale) Szymanowski 02:43
3. Złote trzewiczki (Golden slippers) Szymanowski 02:28
4. Taniec (A dance) Szymanowski 02:06
5. Pieśń o fali (The Song of the Wave) Szymanowski 03:19
6. Uczta (A feast) Szymanowski 02:37
Słopiewnie – Slopiewnie (Tuwim), Op. 46 bis 09:01
7. Słowisień (Cherrywords) Szymanowski 01:51
8. Zielone słowa (Green words) Szymanowski 01:44
9. Św.Franciszek (St. Francis) Szymanowski 01:55
10. Kalinowe dwory (Red Song) Szymanowski 01:03
11. Wanda (Wanda) Szymanowski 02:26
Trzy kołysanki – Three Lullabies (Iwaszkiewicz), Op. 48 04:41
12. Pochyl się cicho nad kołyską (Bend silently over the cradle) Szymanowski 01:35
13. Śpiewam morzu, gwiazdom i tobie (I sing to the sea) Szymanowski 01:24
14. Biały krąg księżyca olbrzymi (White giant circle of the moon) Szymanowski 01:41
Rymy dziecięce – Children’s Rhymes (Iłłakowicz), Op. 49 23:34
15. Przed zaśnięciem (Before falling asleep) Szymanowski 01:07
16. Jak się najlepiej opędzać od szerszenia (How to best get away from a hornet) Szymanowski 00:54
17. Mieszkanie (Home) Szymanowski 00:51
18. Prosię (Piglet) Szymanowski 00:51
19. Gwiazdka (Christmas) Szymanowski 01:05
20. Ślub królewny (The Princess’ wedding) Szymanowski 01:42
21. Trzmiel i żuk (The bumblebee and the beetle) Szymanowski 00:45
22. Święta Krystyna (Saint Krystyna) Szymanowski 01:15
23. Wiosna (Spring) Szymanowski 00:50
24. Kołysanka Lalek (The dolls’ lullaby) Szymanowski 00:49
25. Gil i sroka (The bullfinch and the magpie) Szymanowski 00:44
26. Smutek (The sad one) Szymanowski 01:17
27. Wizyta u krowy (A visit at the cow’s) Szymanowski 01:01
28. Kołysanka Krzysi (Krzysia’s lullaby) Szymanowski 01:26
29. Kot (The cat) Szymanowski 01:25
30. Kołysanka Lalki (Lalka’s lullaby) Szymanowski 00:49
31. Myszy (Mice) Szymanowski 00:48
32. Zły Lejba (The cheating shopkeeper) Szymanowski 02:15
33. Kołysanka gniadego konia (The bay-horse’s lullaby) Szymanowski 01:34
34. Nikczemny szpak (The ill-tempered starling) Szymanowski 01:56
Vocalise-Étude – Vocalise-Study 03:18
35. Vocalise-Étude – Vocalise-Study Szymanowski 03:18
Samotny księżyc – Lonely Moon, Op. 31 nr 1(a) 02:23
36. Samotny księżyc – Lonely Moon, Op. 31 nr 1(a) Szymanowski 02:23
Total time: 60:15

About this album

The physical product (4-CD box set) of this 2004 release has been out of stock for quite some time. We now offer the 4 discs for the first time digitally, as 4 separate albums. These download editions were released in June 2020. 

Each album features a different singer. Volume 1: Piotr Beczala (tenor), Volume 2: Juliana Gondek (soprano), Volume 3: Urszula Kryger (mezzosoprano), Volume 4: Iwona Sobotka (soprano). Pianist Reinild Mees accompanies each of the singers on all 4 albums.

You are now on the album page of Volume 4 of the Complete Songs for Voice and Piano by Szymanowski.


KAROL SZYMANOWSKI’S SONGS IN LITERARY AND MUSICAL CONTEXT Romantic and German Influences Changes in Szymanowski’s style and aesthetic attitude are distinctly reflected in his rich legacy of beautifully crafted vocal works, embracing songs with piano or orchestral accompaniment, and written as single compositions or cycles. Starting within the tradition of the Romantic Lied, Szymanowski went on to shape his individual idiom with songs inspired by the exoticism of the Orient in his middle period, and – towards the end of his life – performed a spectacular about-turn leading to a stylization of authentic folklore. Impulses stimulating his creative imagination came from various sources, as Szymanowski continued to work under the influence of general philosophical ideas and particular literary works. Poetry frequently became the means of communication that supplemented his musical expression, with poetical texts forming the basis of musical works and revealing aesthetic tastes of the composer, his system of values and his artistic motivations. An examination of the poetic motifs of the songs thus discloses numerous filiations between the musical style and cultural backdrop of the period in which Szymanowski’s creative personality took shape. (…)

— Zofia Helman, University of Warsaw, Poland (excerpt from booklet liner notes)
[Reprinted from The Songs of Karol Szymanowski and His Contemporaries (Los Angeles: Polish Music Center, 2002)]

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Technical Specifications

Mastering EngineerC. Jared Sacks
EditingC. Jared Sacks
Recording Date1998
Recording LocationMuziekgebouw Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Recording EngineerC. Jared Sacks
ProductionC. Jared Sacks, Reinild Mees