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Schubert - Die Schöne Müllerin

Jochen Kupfer, Susanne Giesa

Franz Schubert

SKU: 18898

Year of release: 2002

1. Das Wandern Franz Schubert 03:05
2. Wohin? Franz Schubert 02:22
3. Halt! Franz Schubert 01:42
4. Danksagung An Den Bach Franz Schubert 02:24
5. Am Feierabend Franz Schubert 02:47
6. Der Neugierige Franz Schubert 04:29
7. Ungeduld Franz Schubert 02:49
8. Morgengruß Franz Schubert 04:20
9. Des Müllers Blumen Franz Schubert 03:32
10. Tränenregen Franz Schubert 04:44
11. Mein! Franz Schubert 02:29
12. Pause Franz Schubert 04:25
13. Mit dem grünen Lautenbande Franz Schubert 02:14
14. Der Jäger Franz Schubert 01:11
15. Eifersucht und Stolz Franz Schubert 01:35
16. Die liebe Farbe Franz Schubert 04:52
17. Die böse Farbe Franz Schubert 02:02
18. Trockne Blumen Franz Schubert 04:13
19. Der Müller und der Bach Franz Schubert 03:56
20. Des Baches Wiegenlied Franz Schubert 07:01
Total time: 66:20

About this album

“I can neither play nor sing, and when I write poetry, I nevertheless sing and play. If I were able to express the tunes in my head, then my songs would be more successful than they now are. But do not despair, some day a kindred soul may well turn up that can hear the melodies hidden in my words and give them back to me.” These lines were written in his diary on 8 October 1815 by Wilhelm Müller (1794-1827), a native of Dessau, the teacher, librarian, and poet who wrote the verses for ‘Die schöne Müllerin’. Franz Schubert was Müller’s junior by three years, and the song was the most essential element of his entire oeuvre. In Schubert, Müller found that sought-after ‘kindred soul’. The composer Schubert was charmed by the aesthetic quality of the poet Müller’s text; Müller, taking for his model ‘the most beautiful German folk songs’, succinctly summed up the principal criteria of his literary language: “Simplicity of form, singing quality of the rhythm, natural directness of language … unconscious, deep, tenderness, which … .echoes long afterwards, and naive openness towards the shy expression of the highest ideals.”The origins of the text for ‘Die schöne Müllerin’ go back to Müller’s student years in Berlin, 1816/1817. At that time, Müller, who was studying philology, was part of a group of young men and women interested in literature, who met regularly for enthusiastic literary discussions at the house of State Counsellor Friedrich August von Stägemann, who himself wrote poetry…..

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(…) a confirmation of Jochen Kupfer beautiful singing and even more of his gifts as a Lieder interpreter. (…) (…) he adds a complete identification with the youthful lover’s aspirations and eventual disappointment and tragedy. This lad sets out with a spring in his heels and a smile in his voice. (…) (…) this is a performance among baritones that I would place very near the top of the pile, if not at its apex (…)

International Record Review

(…) this is distinguished singing (…)


(…) Kupfer is niet alleen de gelukkige eigenaar van een prachtige baritonstem, maar is tevens een begenadigd liedvertolker (…) (…) De zanger laat je alle hoeken van het emotionele spectrum zien (…) (…) Een grote aanwinst, deze uitvoering kan zeker mededingen naar ‘Die Schönste Müllerin’.

Opera News Online

(…) Kupfer’s voice has a light and sweet – almost bari-tenor – quality. And pianist Susanne Giesa is a sensitive partner. Both artists make their points discreetly (…) (…) How remarkable that the traditional can be refreshingly new!!


Technical Specifications

Mixing ConsoleStuder
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer
Recording DateJuly 2000
Recording LocationLichtwer-Gymnasium Wurzen Germany
EditingThomas Wieber
Recording EngineerThomas Wieber
ProducerThomas Wieber