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Beethoven Songs

Marjanne Kweksilber, Vera Beths, Gijs Beths, Anner Bijlsma, Stanley Hoogland

SKU: 1491

Year of release: 1990

1. Trio in einem Satze für Klavier, Violine und Cello 04:20
4 Scottish songs opus nrs. 7, 8, 17 and 5 01:41
2. Bonnie laddie, highland laddie 01:41
5 Scottish songs opus nrs. 7, 8, 17 and 5 03:30
3. The lovely lass of Inverness 03:30
6 Scottish songs opus nrs. 7, 8, 17 and 5 02:02
4. Oh, Mary, at thy window be 02:02
7 Scottish songs opus nrs. 7, 8, 17 and 5 03:26
5. The sweetest lad was Jamie 03:26
6. Fünf Variationen über das englische Volkslied 'Rule Britannia' 05:07
4 Scottish songs opus 108 nrs. 2, 24, 20 and 12:45
7. Sunset 03:29
8. Again my Lyre 02:56
9. Faithfu' Johnie 03:37
10. Oh, sweet were the hours 02:41
11. Ländlerische Tänze für Zwei Violinen und Bass 04:49
4 Irish songs WoO 152 nrs. 1, 5, 8 and 11 12:11
12. The return to Ulster 04:50
13. On the massacre of Glencoe 02:45
14. Thou emblem of faith 02:59
15. Come draw we round a cheerful ring 01:34
Total time: 49:55

About this album

eethoven’s works without opus number Most composers who “directed” the opus numbers of their works also left a number of compositions without opus number. In Beethoven’s case, the list of his works would be a very different thing without these Werke ohne opuszahl (WoO); it would, in fact, be less than half as long. The summary by Georg Kinsky and Hans Halm includes 138 works with opus number and no fewer than 205 without. The latter category is a real garden of delights, and there is no reason at all to regard it with suspicion. We must, after all, remember that Beethoven’s most popular piano piece, the album leaf Für Elise, is included in this group (WoO 59). There are various reasons why a composer like Beethoven might decide to let one of his musical offspring lead a life without an opus number. He might find a work too unimportant to give it an official place among symphonies, string quartets, and other large-scale compositions. And sometimes there was no reason to include it in the cataloging process: Beethoven, for example, wrote several pieces of chamber music for members of his circle of friends which were never intended for performance outside this private world.

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(...) Salon music if you will, but the salon music of great composers, exquisitely made and a joy to hear. (...)