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Music of Astor Piazzolla

Baltazar Benítez

Astor Piazzolla

SKU: 13798

Year of release: 1999

1. Campero Astor Piazzolla 04:58
2. Romántico Astor Piazzolla 04:39
3. Acentuado Astor Piazzolla 03:42
4. Tristón Astor Piazzolla 04:30
5. Compadre Astor Piazzolla 03:29
6. Contrabajeando Astor Piazzolla 03:08
7. Milonga del Angel Astor Piazzolla 04:57
8. La Muerte del Angel Astor Piazzolla 03:40
9. Verano Porteño Astor Piazzolla 04:34
10. Primavera Porteña Astor Piazzolla 05:51
Total time: 43:31

About this album

Astor Piazzolla’s contribution has meant an integral synthesis of the tangos whole range, from its early foundations to our days. Piazzolla displayed a marked modernist inclination. He firmly believed that new musical criteria should be incorporated to the tango, especially in relation to its harmonic and formal contents. He always knew, although he was not arrogant about it, the scope and significance of his work, geared towards a universalisation of the tango which could not have been achieved through any other path than that of artistic excellence. After a long struggle to impose his new concept of tango (which was harshly berated in traditional tango circles), Piazzolla was awarded the title “Illustrious Citizen of Buenos Aires” on December 4, 1985, for his achieve- ments as a representative of the music of Rio de la Plata. Paraguay’s Ministry of Education and Culture invited him to inaugurate his “Double Concerto for Guitar, Bandoneon and Orchestra”. The performance, in which I also partici- pated, was held on December 23, 1985 in Montevideo. Eventually both capitals of Rio de la Plata were to unanimously acknowledge “the tango had entered the concert hail”. On July 5, 1992, after two years of struggling against a terrible illness, the emi- nent musician died in Buenos Aires

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BBC Music Magazine

(...) Benitez brings the musicexpertly and lovingly (...)

Technical Specifications

Digital To Analog ConverterSony
Mastering EquimentSadie Audio system
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Recording FormatPCM 44.1
Recording Date1984
Recording EngineerRoddy de Hilster
ProducerAlexander Weissenburger