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Joseph Lulloff, Philip Hosford

Francis Poulenc, Paul Cooper, Alfred Descenclos, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Charles Ruggiero

SKU: 10497

Year of release: 1997

Sonata For Oboe And Piano 14:05
1. Elégie Francis Poulenc 05:10
2. Scherzo Francis Poulenc 04:18
3. Déploration Francis Poulenc 04:36
Four Impromptus 12:44
4. In Nomine Igor Stravinsky Paul Cooper 03:08
5. In Nomine Benjamin Britten Paul Cooper 03:21
6. In Nomine Roberto Gerhard Paul Cooper 01:56
7. In Nomine Nadia Boulanger Paul Cooper 04:18
8. Prélude, Cadence Et Finale Alfred Descenclos 11:27
Six Studies In English Folksong 08:46
9. Lovely on the Water Ralph Vaughan Williams 01:44
10. Spurn Point Ralph Vaughan Williams 01:21
11. She Borrowed some of her mothers gold Ralph Vaughan Williams 01:50
12. The lady and the Dragoon Ralph Vaughan Williams 01:47
13. van Diemen's Land Ralph Vaughan Williams 01:14
14. As I walked over London Bridge Ralph Vaughan Williams 00:48
Interplay 19:15
15. Octaves Charles Ruggiero 06:24
16. Night Song Charles Ruggiero 05:03
17. Departures Charles Ruggiero 07:47
Total time: 66:19

About this album

In the late 1830s Adolphe Sax created an instrument which could complement the sonorities of brasses, woodwinds, and strings in an orchestral ensemble. Besides providing a unique timbre, the instrument was strong enough to sound with a chorus of brasses and soft enough to blend with a group of strings and woodwinds. Soon many musicians began to praise the capabilities of Sax’s instrument, the saxophone. Its sound could easily swell and diminish, and its tone could mimic a variety of other instruments from a sonorous pipe organ to a plaintive human voice. Despite such flexibility, this first saxophone, the bass saxophone, was thought best suited for slow lyrical passages in orchestral music either as a solo voice or as harmonic support. Initially, musicians and composers considered the saxophone “inappropriate for the energetic and brilliant effects of military music.” However, with the introduction of new members of the saxophone family, the instrument became a standard part of military bands and jazz bands, as well as contemporary ensembles and orchestras.

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Technical Specifications

Mixing ConsoleStuder
Recording Formatpcm 44.1
Analog To Digital ConverterMarantz CDR610
Recording DateMarch 1994
Recording Locationfelling Great Hall, Krannert Center of the Arts Urbana, Illinois, USA
Recording EngineerJon Schoenoff
ProducerJoseph Lulloff