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Sonatas for Flute and Fortepiano

Wilbert Hazelzet, Jaques Ogg

C. P. E Bach

SKU: 0790

Year of release: 1990

Sonata in C major 13:26
1. Allegro di molto C. P. E Bach 03:23
2. Andante C. P. E Bach 05:00
3. Allegretto C. P. E Bach 05:02
Duetto in E major 14:08
4. Allegretto C. P. E Bach 05:24
5. Adagio di molto C. P. E Bach 05:14
6. Allegro assai C. P. E Bach 03:29
7. La Stahl in d minor C. P. E Bach 03:22
8. Les Langueurs Tendres in f' minor C. P. E Bach 02:18
Trio in Bes major 19:25
9. Allegro C. P. E Bach 06:26
10. Adagio ma non troppo C. P. E Bach 06:21
11. Allegretto C. P. E Bach 06:37
Sonate in D major 12:57
12. Allegro un poco C. P. E Bach 04:03
13. Largo C. P. E Bach 05:19
14. Allegro C. P. E Bach 03:34
Total time: 65:39

About this album

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was most renowned for his gifts of improvisation. Johan Friedrich Reichardt wrote in 1766: “I have not yet said anything to you about the excellent Phantasies of this Master; his whole soul is engaged when he improvises… it is here that he first truly shows the enormous knowledge of harmony and the immeasurable wealth of rare and unusual modulations which establish him is the greatest of original geniuses.”

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