A Supportive Gesture for Artists

The worldwide pandemic has an incredible effect on the concert diaries of artists around the world. In order to support our Channel Classics Artists, we are donating 30% of Discs & Download sales straight to these artists. Throughout the summer. On top of their royalties.

The 30% extra payout to the artists applies to all of the 33 albums listed below.

This selection of albums is based on which artists would have otherwise worked with Channel Classics on making recordings or CD promotions through concerts and tours from February 2020 onwards: Dana Zemtsov, Anna Fedorova, Rosanne Philippens, Rachel Podger, Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Wim Van Hasselt, Ning Feng, Ragazze Quartet, Florilegium, Rick Stotijn and Johannette Zomer.

These artists receive the extra 30% for both physical Discs as well as digital Downloads, from July 1st – October 1st, 2020. It is calculated by album catalog number in our sales reports, so it is possible to purchase albums from a variety of Artists.

Please note: The 30% extra payout is not processed in combination with a discount coupon code.